Faith, Physics and Love: A Contemporary Cosmology in the Christian Mystical Tradition

FAITH, PHYSICS AND LOVE is a cosmology which reconciles the scientific accounts of the origin of the
universe with the mystical knowing, from Christian revelatory experience, of how Creation and the
human person, as embodied spirit, came to be. Through an account of the historical development of
language and by engaging with the scientific enquiries from Newton’s theory of gravitation to
quantum theory, Br Neil McGurk, fms, reveals the limitations of a phenomenological understanding of our
physical world with the reduction from their metaphysical origins of key concepts such as time,
space, matter, energy and force. These concepts have become subsumed within ordinary language
from a heritage of mythological, linguistic, metaphysical, and mystical contexts that remain essential
to the human person’s existential concerns, of which spiritual oblivion remains uppermost together
with its sense of sharing in the creative artistry of Creation. Br Neil presents a mystical
understanding of the action of Love immanent in nature as the act-and-gift of a God-Who-Is-Love,
through whom not only the dualisms of the empirical sciences and metaphysics can be reconciled,
but also the mythological heritage of the repression of the feminine. At the same time, Br Neil
celebrates and elevates artistic, creative endeavour as an ontological imperative of the embodied

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