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19 (18h) - 28 February (9h) 2021

 8-day Directed Retreat: 8 days for spending quality time with God in silence and prayer in the beautiful surroundings of the St. Lucia estuary. There will be a daily meeting with your retreat director who will guide you through the process.

 Sr Elisabeth Marie Ansart, Nonto Mhlongo                                                                            R   3 600


12 (18h) - 15 March (9h) 2021

 2-day Retreat: “Be still and know that I am God”

 This weekend, anchored in silence and the practice of Centering prayer, provides an opportunity to respond deeply to the Lenten invitation to return, to “be still and know God” within the secret room of your heart. There will be scheduled periods for communal Centering prayer, contemplative walks, talks and sharing.

 Sr Elisabeth Marie Ansart                                                                                                    R   1 600


1 (14h) – 4 (9h) April 2021 

 Holy Triduum Retreat: An opportunity to celebrate the holiest days of the year in a gentle, contemplative way with plenty of personal time. Liturgies, short talks, opportunity to meet with a spiritual director will help to lead you into your own deep prayer.

 Fr Rodney Moss                                                                                                                    R 1 600


24 (18h) - 27 April (10h30) 2021

 2-day Preached Retreat: “Letting go with Julian of Norwich”                                            

In this contemplative retreat, Rev Peter Habberton refers to the writings of the 14th Century English mystic, Julian of Norwich, to encourage you to ‘let go’ and ‘let God.’ The retreat will provide time for personal reflection and be spiritually enriched by Mother Julian’s visionary understanding of God’s love and mercy.

Rev Peter Habberton                                                                                                           R   1 600


21 (18h) - 24 May (9h) 2021

 2-day Retreat: “Prayer of heart and body”

 A weekend away in a quiet space to experience yoga as a preparation for prayer and meditation. There will be 2 yoga practice sessions daily to balance the active and contemplative aspects of our lives and to bring us to oneness, within ourselves, with others, with nature and with our Creator God, together with the presentation of material for prayer and Christian contemplation.

 Team                                                                                                                                   R   1 600


 4 (18h) - 7 June (9h) 2021

 2-day Retreat: “Hearts on fire”

 How do we find God in all things? How do we become contemplative in actions? How do we make good decisions? A combination of talks and experiences of Ignatian prayer methods to learn to pray and to live in the Ignatian tradition.

 Sr Elisabeth Marie Ansart, Nonto Mhlongo                                                                            R   1 600


 27 June (18h) – 1 July (10h) 2021

 3-day Preached Retreat: “Journeying into healing”  

 This journey into healing is designed to assist us to understand ourselves in the light of our past and to acknowledge how we relate to others. It focuses on participatory learning with an aim of reaching out to others as healers.                                               

 Patrick Vorster                                                                                                                    R   1 900


 22 (18h) - 31 July (9h) 2021

 8-day Directed Retreat

 Sr Elisabeth Marie Ansart, Nonto Mhlongo                                                               R   3 600


3 (18h) - 6 (9h) September 2021                                                                                

 2-day Preached Retreat: Finding God in Creation

 A weekend to appreciate the gift of God’s Creation, to increase our wonder, awe, reverence and love for nature and to make us stronger in dedicating ourselves to the demanding task of caring for our Common Home.

 Sr Elisabeth Marie Ansart, Nonto Mhlongo                                                                         R   1 600                                                                                                            

  24 (18h) September - 3 (9h) October 2021                                                                                

 8-day Preached Retreat: "The cup of our life"

 Fr. Chris Schonenberger                                                                                                    R   3 600    


22 (18h) – 25 October (9h) 2021

 2-day Retreat: Praying with paintbrushes

A quiet weekend in a place of wonders, to listen to God the Creator through the Scriptures and to experience painting as a way of prayer. All welcome!

 Team                                                                                                                                 R   1 600


 12 (18h) - 15 (9h) November 2021                                                                                

 2-day Retreat: Birding and praying

Enjoying a weekend to rest and pray in the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, a bird-watcher's paradise. There will be time for personal and communal prayer and plenty of time to explore the surroundings.

 Team                                                                                                                                R   1 600


26 (18h) - 29 (9h) November 2021                                                                                 

 2-day Preached Retreat: Beginning Advent with St Joseph

 A weekend to reflect and pray with St Joseph so that following his example, we may strengthen our life of faith daily in the complete fulfillment of God’s will.

 Fr Declan Doherty                                                                                                             R   1 600


On request                        

 The full Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius as a 30-day retreat, in 3 retreats of 10 days or in daily life. The Spiritual Exercises help a person to grow in inner freedom, to come to know Jesus more deeply, to discover the particular way in which God is calling them and to respond with generosity.  

                                                                                                                                 EN/ IsiZulu/ FR  

 Retreats in daily life are offering you a breathing space to stop and notice how God is at work in the “busyness” of your life.                                                                             


 The whole year

A unique and ideal setting for retreats, workshops or quiet time to rest in an unparalleled natural environment which lends itself to communion with God and nature.






On Sundays 

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